Ground Works

Laser Guided Grader

With our six way grader we have the ability to grade single or dual cambers on tracks and roadways, elimination standing water which is a common cause of track/road failure.

Our grader is fully equipped with laser guided equipment, allowing us to provide highly accurate (+- 10mm) single or dual fall grading. Grading of large expanses can be carried out by a single operator, which in-turn increases job productivity and reduces material wastage.

Multi Task Crusher

Our multi task crusher offers the incomparable advantage of being able to meet the requirements for many applications: stone crusher, stabilizer and asphalt grinder for road maintenance and construction. As well as stone crushing our machine double up as a tree stump grinder in agricultural / forest areas that are normally difficult to access.

Site Clearance

As an extension to our ground works division we offer site clearance service including the removal of waste, old foundations, tree stumps, root balls and hardcore.

We provide risk assessments, method statements and site waste management plans for each job. This ensures as many materials as possible are recycled / reused, therefore cutting your costs and reducing overall environmental impact.

All our operatives are highly trained and respectful of noise dust pollution restrictions. Helping to build a good rapport with client and neighbours.

Earthworks & Excavations

D&C GroundTech are proud to be able to provide fully comprehensive ground works services. By way of standalone projects, collaborations with other contractors or as an integrated approach with our soil stabilisation division.

With our fleet of modern machinery, equipment and fully trained experienced operatives, we strive to achieve the highest standards of workmanship, productivity and reliability. Leaving you in safe in the knowledge that not only will your project be completed on time, but also finished to exacting standards.

Current Projects

Solar Farm Haul Road

700 m of of access road excavated and stoned up using 6f5 and type one aggregate.

Catchment Bund

Soil excavated bund for overflow catchment at AD plant.

Horse manege

20m x 40m silica sand arena