Soil Stabilisation

The growing use of brown field sites and the focus on sustainability issues bring increasing recognition to the benefits of soil stabilisation.

D & C GroundTec offer soil stabilisation to enable sustainable engineering solutions to engineering principles. We can offer value engineering options on various types of contracts.

Stabilising land with the use of lime, cement or other binders is an extremely cost effective method of converting areas of weak soil into a usable and environmentally sound construction material.

Soil stabilisation can be used for numerous applications:

  • Stabilisation of unsuitable material class U1A to be reused on site offering cost savings for disposal costs, excavation costs and haulage costs.
  • Stabilisation offers clients the opportunity to increase the recycling ability of the sites improving KPI scoring and also increasing targets.

Benefits to stabilisation include:

  • Increased speed of project completion.
  • Reduced use of important aggregates.
  • Less local construction traffic.

Current Projects

Stabilising Hereford.

4000 m2 cement stabilied, then capped with 6f2 ready for the construction a new industrial unit.